How to pay in installment loans all your services

How to pay in installments all your services? Paying with my cash advances through my app is not a fad. Although today it is fashionable to do everything from an app!

How to pay in installments all your services.

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Invoices arrive and pay must be paid. But it is better to do it from home, at the time you want and even financing payments with Payment Lending’s personal loans.

Paying with Payment Lending is the fastest, simplest and most practical solution. You can pay your bills without leaving your home, without having cash and financing payments with my cash credits in Argentine pesos. I tell you how it is used and what are the benefits of paying in installments all your services with my app.

How to pay in installments all your services: I explain …

How to pay in installments all your services: I explain ...

To be able to pay your bills with Payment Lending you have to enter the Website or download the app on your cell phone , if you have not installed it yet. You have to register, there are few data and you will only do it the first time you enter so that I can get to know you. Then you must go to “Pay your bills” and, of course, you can do it at any time and from anywhere. Have you ever paid your gas or phone bill from the bed, having a coffee or from the hairdresser? Take the test, it feels much better!

Another advantage of paying for your services with Payment Lending is that you don’t have to have the money at the moment. Once you log in with your user (or with Facebook, for example), click on “Pay a service”. Have the invoice on hand (not yet due) to enter or scan the barcode or reference code. Confirm the amount and choose when you want to pay it. You can do it on the spot (in that case it is debited within 48 hours of your bank account), next month (with the financing of Payment Lending) or in 3 installments: I bank you and finance you! You pay without lines and even without money!

How to pay in installments all your services and get advantages?

How to pay in installments all your services and get advantages?

In Payment Lending you can pay your bills for electricity, gas, water, telephone, cable, Internet, credit cards, taxes and others. If you do not need to finance the payment and pay at the moment, the service is free, without cost! If this is the first time you pay with my help you will have to enter the DKLoan of your account, so I can debit you. With the DKLoan you can ask me for loans online to pay back in installments or make a phone recharge at any time. Payment Lending is much more than loans, I have many solutions for you, discover them!

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